Documentary Photographer. Colombia. 1985

"I insistently look for traces of the landscape in the gestures, in the skin. I follow the trace of theemotions that overflow the bodies becoming landscape and atmosphere. This relationshipbetween people and their geography is what vibrates in the portraits, it is the essence of what theconcept of Territory means to me. It is this Territory that feeds my feeling and passion towardsthis career. It is the place that I like to inhabit: a geography from within, intimate, carved ofemotions and experiences".                 


Her research through documentary photography revolves around the human landscape: a geography inhabited by emotions, trades, roots and dignity of being and belonging to a certain place. Her work method is rooted in ethnography: she has lived, watched and investigated for 14 years in in the vast Orinoco savannahs (Plains/Llano).

She is the author of 5 books:Solo apto para mi misma 2023, Orinoco-Frontera de agua- 2019, Tierra Errante 2019, Llano2017, Silencios-Un Llano de Mujeres-2011.

She is a National Geographic Explorer since 2023. Her project "Solo apto para mi misma" was winner of La Luminosa's Latin American PublishingAward in Argentina in 2021. Winner of the Magnum Foundation Fund 2018. Selected for the Joop SwartMasterclass of the World Press Photo in Amsterdam 2017 and in Mexico 2015. Winner of thePortfolio Review Award granted by the National Geographic Society 2015 in San Jose Photo,Uruguay. Winner of the 2009 Colombo-Swiss National Photography Award. 

Her stories have been published in Der Spiegel, Geo Magazine, Vogue Latam and also in other digital media suchas National Geographic Proof, Time LightBox, New York Times Lens Blog. 

Her work has been exhibited in Bogotá (Museo Santa Clara 2009), Cali (Museo la Tertulia 2019)Buenos Aires (Fola 2018), Montevideo (CDF 2018), New York (Bronx Documentary Center2018 and Photo Ville 2019), Angkor (Angkor Photo Festival 2020), Barcelona (PhotographicSocial Vision 2018), Lucerna (Fotodok, Kornschütte 2021), Zurich(Stapherhaus Museum 2022-2023),Tel Aviv (Photo Israel 2022). 



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